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Enhance Decision-Making

At Proprioceptive, we believe the analytical tools must be designed to give  decision makers the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

We assess analytics across the two dimensions of the Data Matrix: 

(Technical) Data Maturity :
Are technical capabilities, data quality, architecture, and analytical tools in place to support the decision-making needs of the organization? 

(Human) Analytical Readiness: 
Does the organization have the knowledge and understanding of the business needs and analytical capabilities to design and use the necessary decision tools

The Data Matrix


Who We Help

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Companies that are

  • Struggling to get at the data they need 
  • Frustrated with analyses that take too long to inform decisions
  • Concerned with a lack of analytical understanding across their organization 

How We Help

  • Created an Analytics Vision:
    We have experience developing a compelling vision and gaining buy in and alignment from key stakeholders across the organization
  • Built an Analytics Team:
    Past work included reorganizing existing data/analytical structures and staffing new capabilities
  • Implemented Decision Tools:
    Projects included guiding design, development and training for decision tools that drove efficiency/effectiveness and elevated organizational capabilities


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